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Seat Restoriation

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Seats

We recover any and all seats with leather, vinyl or cloth. We can  also change fabric-coverings to leather or custom-cover to your specifications.

LeatherSmart Systems Solutions re-dyes

Leather Re-Dye

The leather in your car goes through a lot, which means sometimes it looses its colour. Smart Systems Solutions restores the original colour back to your leather seats.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Roof Lining

Hood Linings

Many vehicles have sagging hood linings or cuts & tears in the lining.  We remove the old lining and replace this with new material.

Hydro DippingSmart Systems Solutions does

Hydro Dipping

Another name for this service is Water Film Transfer.  We can dip many trims on and in a car, motorbike petrol tanks, faring’s and diffusers.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Mag Rims

Mag Rim Repair

We do repairs to surface scratches on the edges of the mags. The wheels are completely removed from the car and repaired and re- sprayed.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Seat Covers

Seat Covers & Game Viewers

Custom-made seat covers can be made for any vehicle in a large variety of colours. We also offer an embroidery service which can be added to any cover. Our specialty is recovering of canvas seats for Game Viewers.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Car Carpets


We do replacements of a full carpet, rear carpet or just the driver side carpet. We only use the highest quality automotive carpets for our replacements.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Dashboards

Dash Recovery

Is your dashboard cracked? Has the airbag deployed? 
We remove the dashboard and recover it with leather. 

Often sun shrinks the leather or it lifts up near the windscreen. We replace the leather to make it look brand  new.

Interior Plastic Repairs

Any plastic trim that can be found on the inside of the car and that has been damaged, Smart Systems Solutions will repair and restore to look new again.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Interior Plastic
Smart Systems Solutions repairs Airbags


Often accidents deploy the airbag in the steering wheel and dashboards and this is a costly item to repair or replace. We recondition and / or replace the airbag, as well as the part that has been damaged by the deployment of the airbag

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Steering Wheels

Steering Wheels

Smart Systems Solutions is able to Dye the leather back to the original colour, as well as totally recovering of a steering wheel in leather as per factory standards. We also spray the silver surrounds on the steering wheel.

Smart Systems Solutions repairs Gear Knobs

And Many Others

We also recover Gear Knobs, Gear Pouches, Centre Console Lids, Armrests and door panels and replace Seat Belts that are SABS approved.

We also repair or re-dye Cabriolet Soft tops and we repair boats with Marine vinyl and make up boat covers.

Smart Systems Solutions offers Mobile Service

Mobile Services

Smart Systems Solutions offers a mobile service to a large number of the services listed above. However, some of the work does need to come into one of our workshops which are conveniently based in either Johannesburg or Pretoria.

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